Amazing Artist ! Mentor ! Guitarist ! And wonderful and humble, amazing Person !

Rajat Rai

He’s got the voice of an angel! It felt like Anthony Kiedis had some sort of tie-up with Adam Levine! What a wonderful performance at Phoenix Marketcity! I thoroughly enjoyed the show, his own take on Yellow – also a big commendation to the entire Mystic Jolt for a fantastic performance – Each of them superbly good at what they do!

Priyadarshini Krishnan

Having known Monjyoti, can say this without an iota of doubt .. he has a brilliant voice and he is an amazing person … My Best Wishes to You Monjyoti

Ranadeep Roy

The best I’ve seen till date in Bangalore, never seen anyone do Nothing else matters like these dudes.

Sebin Christo

Really cool music. Loved their performance yesterday at the Beer Cafe.

Amit Singh

I had a kick ass time with your music!!!it was wonderful and Porcupine Tree is one my favourites!!

Shashi Kiran Janardan

Awesome music and lovely people 🙂 Had a nice time!

Harshit Vaishnav

Fantastic musician and an even better music teacher.

Ananyabrata Chakravorty

He is a great performer , An excellent Artist . We have seen him live a lot of time and we wish to see him more. Mj we are waiting for HRC Delhi Next . Let’s Rock & Roll �

Chandrakant Sharma


Riva Arora Sahni

He is awesome! 😁I love his music and his performances!

Rajanya Dhar Chaterjee

He is an outstanding guitarist. He has really good vocal capabilities.
His humbleness and down to earth attitude is what I like the most. He encourages other artists, motivates the beginner artists and is always ready to help others.
He is generous and is compassionate.

Pritam Karar

One if the most versatile voice I have heard in the recent time… So much of emotions of the song he can express added a very rare ability to connect with the audience…. You just flow with his music..

Keep up and grow high my friend…. God bless.

Rajesh Sengupta

A talented musician and a wonderful person, his hardwork shows in his performances. Love the live shows!

Alaknanda Sen

A very good friend of mine whom i knw as kind from heart and intelligent from ideas… in last couple of years i have become his fan for his awesome ability in singing and chords. I am already a fan of him. I know he has still a long way to go but i still remember the tunes of nothn else matters which his group performed in HRC…..i was and still am mesmerised by that performance in particular and all others. I am already telling mon’s stories to my friends and colleagues. Several of them are getting inspired from his passion for music and some of them are even getting tuned to your music. May the almighty bless your hard work. We feel proud to be associated with you although its have been quite a time. Go Mon go….live ur dreams

Siddhartha Paul

Great musician and awesome person by heart . 🙂

Harsh Mehrotra

Awesome musician. I just remembered a song name shooting star by bad company.. and this person, working so hard really gonna be shooting star.

Tipu Singh

Monjyoti an amazing musician. He mesmerizes people every time he steps onto the stage by his guitar, singing and collection of songs. Be it cult, rock, romance or any genre, he never misses a chance to make the audience ask for ONCE MORE. More than that he is a marvelous mentor. It was only a few months back that he started teaching me guitar, you won’t believe that I have performed twice with him on stage last month only. And I’m not the only student. 🙂
You rock brother. Period.

Paras Vishnoi

an amazing performer n vocalist .. casts a spell on his audience .. an experience you won’t forget . cheers

Vaibhav Srivastava

He is a very talented and dedicated artist. But most importantly, it is awesome to watch him on stage ! His collection of songs suit any mood and environment. That combined with his impeccable guitar playing skills, makes it so much fun! If you get to catch him perform live, just go ahead !

Ayan Datta

Amazing artist \m/

Hardworking gentleman !

owns the stage Every chance he gets 🙂

Pushpendra Singh Chouhan

He is a great performer , An excellent Artist . We have seen him live a lot of time and we wish to see him more. Mj we are waiting for HRC Delhi Next . Let’s Rock & Roll �

Chandrakant Sharma

Four stars for this guy who is not just an engineer with musical flavour but also a great friend..
one star is grey only because u will shine more i know and then i will have no stars to rate u…
So leaving that one star for the day when u will be on top..
U taught me alot of things..
Lord bless u dear…

Rups Sil

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