Music Profile at Global Rank 1 for more than 6 weeks in Reverbnation (Experimental Category). Stream the songs “Neighbor Syndrome” and “Hypnosis” in the link below.

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Youtube Video for the song “Neighbor Syndrome” in the link below. Stream On :).

Youtube Video for the song “Hypnosis” in the link below. Stream On :).

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Record Holder in World Records India for the music profile topping Global Charts

Featured in the Top Charts in New York City in Reverbnation. Thank you 🙂

Review of my song Hypnosis at “Artist Reach” Official magazine by the Award-Winning ASCAP Multi-Musician and Music Journalist Justyn Brodsky from NBCUniversal, New York . Thank you 🙂

Interview at Miami based A.V.A Live Radio with super inspiring RJ Jacqueline Jax. We talk about a bit of the backstory of my song hypnosis, songwriting, evolutionary psychology, dealing with crisis, stress, obstacles, upper limits, global indie music scene, music business and much more.

Love and support coming from the Rock Giant Parikrama and wonderful folks from all across.

Grab your copy by clicking on the button if you haven’t already.

There is a lot of exciting music ahead. Stay updated.

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